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Magnolia Green Jumper

Nothing excites my photographic eye like a new bug.  When I was watering my seedlings under the grow light, I discovered this magnolia green jumping spider walking around one of my ceramic planters (at least I believe that is the correct identification based on some internet research, here).  I loved the way it’s forward pair of eyes followed me around.  I have never seen a spider’s eyes move like this.  I read up on it a little bit and learned that the outer part of the eye is fixed, but the spider is able to move the inner part around.  In this first picture, the inner eyes look like crossed half-moons:

In my picture for the day (below), the main pair of eyes look green and clear; I think the spider was looking down instead of toward me.  It blended in almost perfectly with the green decorative glaze on the outside of the planter:

Project 365 #017 ** 105mm macro with 20mm extension tube, 1/100 second @ f 20, ISO 800, hand-held ring flash

For some perspective on the size of the spider, here is a less artistic photograph of the spider on a wooden craft stick.  The craft stick is exactly 3/4 inch across, so I estimate that the spider has a leg span of just about 1/3 inch: