by Shelly Jefferson Morton


Farewell, Whidbey Island

25 July 2014 – A final photograph from our last walk at Bush Point on Whidbey Island … with the Olympics in the distance.


Hood Canal and Last Views of the OP

25 July 2014 – As we drove the final length of our loop around the Olympic Peninsula, we stopped to stretch our legs at the Hood Canal.  Then we caught the ferry from Port Townsend back to Whidbey Island.  We also took one last short walk along the beach near our friends’ home – a nice way to end our trip “full circle”.  Here are a few of the final photos from our trip in July.

Quinault Rain Forest (ONP – 4th Day)

25 July 2014

In addition to hiking around Lake Quinault Lodge, we also managed to squeeze in one short hike in the Quinault Rain Forest.  It definitely had a different feel than the Hoh Rain Forest, but like the Hoh, it was very green and lush!

Lake Quinault (ONP – 4th Day)

25 July 2014 —

Our last day on the Olympic Peninsula was mostly driving, but we did manage to spend some time hiking in the Lake Quinault area in the morning before we drove back to Whidbey Island (to return camping gear to our friends) and then on to Seattle for our flight home the next morning.  The first short hike we did that morning was from our campsite to the lodge – these are some picture of that hike and around the lodge.

Ruby Beach (ONP – 3rd Day)

24 July 2014

We drove from the Hoh Rain Forest to a campground at Lake Quinault.  We stopped along a couple of the beaches along the coast.  The most memorable was Ruby Beach.  It was very overcast and a little misty, which translated better in black and white:

The Hoh River (ONP – 3rd Day)

24 July 2014 – A quick stop along the Hoh River:



Hoh Rain Forest (ONP – 3rd Day)

24 July 2014 – One of the highlights of ONP was our hike through the Hoh Rain Forest.  It was like stepping into a moist, lush, green world.  There were lots of giant banana slugs (6 inches long!) – we did not see them at first.  It took a child holding one for us to realize how big they were and what to look for.  Water was the predominate theme – whether it was drops on a spider web, a stream running through the forest, or mist coming down … water was everywhere!

Salmon Cascades (ONP – 3rd Day)

24 July 2014 –

We stopped at Salmon Cascades to see if we could catch a glimpse of any salmon.  We did not see any salmon, but we did get to watch a small falcon across the river.



Sol Duc (ONP – 3rd Day)

24 July 2014

Sol Duc is one of my very favorite waterfalls!  I was excited to be able to go there with Eric this past summer when we went to Olympic National Park.



ONP Camping (2nd Day)

23 July 2014 –

Here are a few other random photos of our camping experience in Olympic National Park: